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Drinks Tour on Koh Samui

More often than not, travelers list down things they wish to do and see prior to flying out. Once a vacation is set, a traveler pens down special things they wish to see, do and buy whilst on vacation. Koh Samui is synonymous with beach and jungle. The island is surrounded by beautiful sceneries as well as cultural stops like temples.

But what does one do when craving for a non-traditional Koh Samui itinerary. You keep searching, just like a blogger who found us last year. Alex is a well-rounded traveler who made a stop to Samui and explored the island. More than the clichés, she found a unique itinerary. The Drinks Tasting Tour by Island Gem.

What do you get with the drinks tour on Samui?

As the name implies, you expect to drink but we give you a bit of culture too. And as a bonus, you get to make new friends as it is a joint trip.

So, the first stop is the rum distillery on the south of the island. Before tasting the rums, we share with you some information on how the rums are made and share with you the distilleries’ operational side. 2 flavors of rum will be served as well as the syrup made under a secret recipe.


The first stop will awaken your senses. That’s for sure! But the next stop is a lovely place with a very happy host. We will visit the Thai winery. Although Samui doesn’t have its own vineyard, (can you imagine growing grapes in this heat?) we have found the one and only supplier of Thai Wines. You get to taste 3 different fruit wines and learn about Thai winery and which Thai food you should pair the lovely wines. We recommend buying a bottle or two as a souvenir to remind you how great Thailand is and it also makes a nice gift to your favorite person back home. By this time, you know a lot more about Thai wines than a local.


Now, onto lunch as we feel you might already be hungry. What awaits you is a beautiful setting of a restaurant in a popular town in Samui. Here, you get to make your own cocktail and eat a delicious lunch. You need it before the next stop!

Lastly, what would be a drinks tour without locally crafted beers. We take you to a microbrewery where you get to taste 4 ales and if you are up to drink a full pint, it is on us too.


Here is the full honest account on how Alex described her day with us.

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