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September in Koh Samui

September in Koh SamuiWhilst the Northern hemisphere gears up for autumn, we, in Koh Samui starts to step away from the busy months of July and August. But that doesn’t mean to say, we are on halt. It just means the island is less busy this time of the year. Weather wise, the norm is a cooler temperature than the past couple of months but also some light rain showers mostly in the evenings.

Most tourists would still ask, so what is there to do on the island? If you are a visitor at this month, you’d be pleased to know that the activities are still going – most businesses stay open and in full operation, plus sites shouldn’t be as crowded as the last couple of months.

So, here are our top picks for you to check this month:

1.Private beach picnic experience by Island Gem Tours

Anytime of the year, you shouldn’t miss this trip anyway! Book a day of pure relaxation and a total highlight of your holiday. According to their 5* rating on trip advisor, most of the visitors find this trip the best experience whilst visiting the island. And did you know that this is the only boat trip that customizes your picnic menu? Yes, you read that right. You get to choose between western or Thai set and they also ask you for your dietary requirements. And as a real bonus, they also include wines, beers and soft drinks! Now, that’s where real value is.

2.Thai Experience

This exquisite dining experience should be on top of your list when visiting the island. As the only closed door restaurant on Samui, they guarantee a dining experience like no other. Prepare for a 3-hour enjoyable dinner experience, from 7-11 pm. But with delicious food, great hosts and meeting new friends, you are in for a real treat. You can get hold of a special discount by contacting us.

3.Zip line at Lamai View Point

Dare yourself! Why not! Conquer your fear or unleash the adventurer in you. The 80-meter-high cable ride is located in Lamai and although the trek is quite a challenge, the breath taking view is indeed phenomenal.

september in samui 2 4.Hike on Samui

An activity for the early birds and those wanting to pump their adrenalin under the morning sun. Discover waterfalls and the wealthy greenery of the island via terrains that are only accessible by foot.

5.Beach and Ocean Club

You have to check one of these out and if you happen to be here on a Sunday, book a brunch date! Nikki beach, Beach Republic, KC beach Club, The Coast, Novotel.


september in samui 3

6.Attend the one and only drinks tasting tour on the island

Being cultural is not limited to seeing the temples. There are other things to learn about a place and in Samui, you don’t just get to enjoy scenic beaches and beautiful temples. Here, you can join an extraordinary jaunt to discover local alcoholic produces. The island has its own rum distillery, a supplier of really tasty Thai wines and a microbrewery. In this tour, you also get a chance to learn to make your own cocktail and enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the island’s famed restaurant.


So whether you find yourself bathing under the tropical sun, or carrying an umbrella in one of Koh Samui September evening, make sure you enjoy it because this island is so rich in experience and activities to try!

Suggestions by: Lorraine Marsh

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